A dynamic, flexible & agile

approach to healthcare

Specialising in telemedicine software publishing, the company’s vision is based on a collaborative approach at all levels.

At this time, DEEPLINK MEDICAL offers several solutions that are already in daily use at many hospital centres.

Turnkey solution

by care sector

Supporting health professionals in their telemedicine projects allows us to offer turnkey business solutions which guarantee structured collaboration between health professionals, thanks to forms that are personalised and adapted to particular care chains:


Mirio oncologie solution DEEPLINK


Autre ssolutions - DEEPLINK MEDICAL

Our other solutions


deeplink medical

Flexibility, speed, quality

We regularly consult health professionals to collect advice that we use to enrich and refine the user experience.


Even further

Our team is constantly monitoring technological developments and pushing the boundaries of conventional telemedicine to offer cutting-edge tools.



We frequently consult with health professionals and use their recommendations to enrich and refine the user experience.


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