Various types

of forms

Deeplink Flow is divided in 4 types of forms :


Medical forms sent to the patients before a radiology or teleradiology exam


Collection and follow up of patient side effects for oncological clinical trials


Pre-admission forms at the reception room of hospitals


Forms for psychiatric establishments to calculate tracking scales

This data is managed by applying our strict quality and security policy, validated by our ISO 27001 and HDS (Health Data Host) certifications, and defined in conformity with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).



The use of Deeplink Flow within Bipol-AIR is considerably time saving : during an hour long consultation, Deeplink Flow saves me 15 minutes, a valuable time frame which I now use to discuss with the patient.

In addition of being easy to use, this solution allows for a richer clinical evaluation.


Dr Axelle GHARIB, psychiatrist at the BIPOL-Air center


During my first meeting with Deeplink Medical, the simplicity of the interface of Deeplink Flow was one of the elements that pushed us through with this solution.


Kévin MARGHERITI, nurse at the BIPOL-Air center



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